Kattikiro Peter Mayiga and the Buganda land board have bowed to pressure from critics of the Kyapa mu ngalo campaign that intends to introduce a special lease for all Bibanja holders on the Kabaka’s 350square mails of land by embarking on a sensitization campaign to educate people about the project.

The project which in itself is good for the Bibanja holders was started on a wrong note which ended up attracting alot of resistance and criticism from Baganda’s and other squatters on Kabaka’s land.

After close consultations the kattikiro has gone back to the basics by unleashing a sensitization program to all squatters before progressing to charging them.

In a sensitization campaign that kicked off silently, the Kingdom has released a thirteen point brochure enumerating the benefits of possessing a lease hold tittle:


kyapa mu ngalo