Kasese Woman Member of Parliament who also doubles as the Leader of Opposirion in Parliament Winnie Kiiza, has asked legislators from Austria to help fight the presumed removal of age limits for the president.

She said this while meeting a delegation of seven legislators from Austria at her office to follow up on the use of funds provided by the Austrian Government to the Ugandan Parliament and office of the Leader of opposition. She said that the country’s worry is what she called an intention to scrap off the age limit by the president.

Kiiza made the statements after the Austrian Members of Parliament sought to find out on the freedom of expression, and President Museveni’s long stay in power.

Article 102 (b) of the Constitution puts a ceiling on the age of the president of Uganda at 75, beyond which a person cannot stand for the highest office. At 73 this year, President Museveni will be 77 in 2021, two years above the ceiling and therefore ineligible to stand, if the law is not amended.

However some Ugandan legislators are campaigning for the removal of the age limit. Kiiza fears that if the international community does not intervene, the age limit will be scrapped making Museveni eligible to contest just like the two-term limit was removed almost 12 years ago.

In 2005, the Constitution was amended allow President Museveni to contest again after serving his two elective terms.

She called upon donors and democratic forces to channel funds and energies towards fighting the removal of age limit saying it will send Ugandans backwards and perpetuate what she called a dictatorship.