Buganda region DP president Nambooze Bakireke has re-ignited her public Campaign of ‘Making DP great Again’ by releasing a dossier to all party members.

Hon Mpuuga Mathias, Hon Ssegonna, Hon Muwanga Kivumbi and others are prominent DP members leading this campaign whose primary intention is to foil a marriage between NRM and DP which is supported by Mbidde Mukasa and Norbert Mao the party leaders.

She tells members that “the campaign has so far managed to pause the evil marriage” and called on members to push on with her to erase off this union and make the party great

In the dossier released on her Facebook page Nambooze tells party president Norbert Mao “it’s good to bury the dead with honor but you risk being called a sorcerer if the only political  activity you undertake with commitment is burying others”. It runs:

Dear Munna DP
I salute you Comrade and commend you for the great work you are doing to popularize DP as a party and defend actors in the struggle. Your contribution to the ongoing struggle to revive the party is surely worth emulating.

I note with pride that many who initially opposed our initiative and called us names have along the way come on board while disguising their actions as being different from what we are demanding for and are mobilising in favor of the “Making DP Great Again” banner.

Munna DP, we are obliged to Celebrate this kind of success because it is what we set out to achieve in the first place.

Like I told DP leaders in Masaka two weeks ago, am only John the Baptist and my role is to prepare the way by shaking DP out of slumber so that we foil the evil assimilation plan that had been cunningly crafted and was being secretly executed by the NRM and as an inside job by allies within DP. We have certainly foiled that move.

There surely has been and still is an exorbitant price to pay but we have chosen to take the risk and we have agreed to pay the price. The results so far are evident for all to see. I am personally content in my role in getting the DP leadership out the comfort zone of City House to the field.

It was so sad seeing DP carrying an engagement ring from Nrm but am happy to report  that since we raised our voices to denounce the evil marriage, both the bride to be and the groom look confused and unsure of how to approach the matter.

But, read my lips, we shall not settle for anything less than the 6Rs. We will leave no stone unturned until the 6Rs are adopted and implemented and altogether crowned with a negotiated transition that will lead us to a National Delegates Conference fully representative of the national party membership currently scattered in various factions.

I know some elements out there will attack me even when they are the direct beneficiaries of our efforts. We know some of these are either naïve, working for the enemy or cowards acting out of the fear of our growing influence and selfishly think that they will fade out into oblivion if everyone comes back to DP–and you can never rule out the money hungry.

They would rather be Kings in a fading party than face their equals in a stronger DP. That is political cowardice and laziness informed by the notion that their survival depends on the absence of others.

Munna DP, I appreciate your efforts in telling off those who are out to attack, abuse and malign Nambooze. I also strongly affirm that I am unmoved and I won’t bow to their whims whatsoever. Comfortably I laugh at them ,of course we are above such unguided attacks on our personality.

Their sustained attacks only prove that our campaign is valid and effective. If one goes so low as to debate along lines of Nambooze being ugly, stupid and worthless, he is only inviting right thinking members to ask “Why Nambooze and why at this time?” Fortunately, this has only helped in elevating me to my rightful place by contrast to their perceived best.

Munna DP, stay focused and don’t get intimidated by the politics of symbolism and manipulation. The kind that will make them justify paid trips to Gulu if only appear to be doing something.

MunnaDP it’s good to bury the dead with honour but you risk being called a sorcerer if the only political  activity you undertake with commitment is burying others. We have flown DP flags at funerals but it’s time to fly them as we lead Ugandans into a liberation struggle that will rid the country of dictatorship.

Munna DP, the challenges of the time call for real activism by the party against the dictatorship and not one-offs. We are therefore determined to push on and harder until we make DP great again.

Munna DP, Kindly join the DP members Caravan as we announce EKIDDAKO on Monday 29th at Nsambya Cardinal Nsubuga Leadership Centre at 10:00am.