Nakaseke district council has passed an ordinance that seeks to regulate charcoal burning and combat deforestation. The charcoal production ordinance 2017, unanimously approved by all councilors, seeks to enforce licensing of all charcoal dealers, oversee transportation, storage and marketing of charcoal.

Under the ordinance no individual will be licensed to engage in charcoal burning but only associations which will be formed by sub counties.

Johnson Kamuhangire, the Chairperson of Works and Natural Resources committee said this will help to stop the influx of people in charcoal burning and reduce on tree cutting. He adds that these associations will also be tasked to afforest all areas where trees were cut and burnt into charcoal.

Kamuhangire added that the District Forest Officer and supervisors of the association will list the tree species which can be cut for charcoal burning and others conserved for environment.

Fred Rwabirinda, the Nakaseke District Secretary for Production and Community Services adds that the ordinance will also compel land owners to plant trees at their boundaries as a strategy to reforest areas.