Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) party president, Jimmy Akena has denied selling UPC to Museveni saying a party is a big entity that cannot be sold off by an individual.

UPC party members lead by suspended party administrator Kemba this week launched a campaign to dislodge Akena from the party leadership accusing him of being in bed with the ruling NRM, as well as selling the party to President Museveni at an alleged sum of Shs 6.6bn.

While addressing the media at melting pot Thursday, Kemba expressed regret for campaigning for Akena as party president in 2015. He said Akena lied to Ugandans that he is a staunch UPC and a son to the party founding father Milton Obote who could not betray it. He expressed shock at hearing that Akena received over 6BN from Museveni to clement UPC.

The UPC Assistant Secretary General in charge of the daily running of the party recently suspended several members of staff including Kemba.

However, while addressing the media on Wednesday at the party headquarters, Akena denied selling the party to Museveni saying a party made of people cannot be sold as an individual can sell off his integrity.

“UPC is a member based organization which lives in the minds and hearts of individual members across the country” He said.

“I as an individual am not in the minds and hearts of these members, so anybody who imagines to deal with an individual to buy an organization, that is a complete fool. I don’t take president Museveni as a fool I am sure he knows that better.”

“This nonsense of monies exchanging for something that is not sellable or buyable is wishful thinking or imaginable by some individuals; it would only be a fool to buy air.”

Akena further refuted allegations of ever receiving money from President Museveni, “This is not about money but how to deal with the future; I am trying to secure a future for myself and the generation to come after me.”

“I am not going to hold onto garbage that happened when I was a kid I have to rise above that one and guarantee a future for Uganda which is reason enough to talk with anybody.” Angry Akena Said