Gulu district leaders have blasted Police and the judiciary at the Gulu district Council hall for letting down members of the public. Patrick Oola Lumumba, the Bar Dege Division LC 3 Chairperson, said people are slowly losing confidence in the ability of Police to protect their lives and property.

Reverend Father Erick Uma, the Holy Rosary Catholic Parish Priest in Gulu town has faulted the judiciary and security organs in Gulu for abetting crime. According to Father Uma, it is an open secret that both the Uganda Police Force and the judiciary have been infiltrated by corrupt individuals who help criminals to walk scot free.

These were speaking at the joint requiem mass of former Gulu Deputy Town Clerk, John Oola Omona and his Thomas Opira at Holy Rosary Church in Uganda. Omona was clobbered to death by suspected iron bar hit men on Tuesday while Opira succumbed to a short illness at Gulu Hospital.
George Labeja, the Mayor Gulu Municipality eulogized John Omona for his hard work. He also said the presence of the Inspector General of Police-IGP, Kale Kayihura will not change the security situation in Gulu, unless security operatives change their attitude.