To my President HE Y. K. Museveni

How can we build a nation that works for the majority of Ugandans? A nation where we do not have to worry about the insecurity caused by our neighbors who are increasingly being blocked out of the economic achievements of the last 31 years by corruption?

I don’t know whether this is your worry too your Excellency. Moving forward, I am watching a generation of young people whose parents sold or are selling land, borrowed heavily at the risk of their social security to educate them in the hope of a job after school growing in hundreds of thousands every year. The educated poor and hopeless are growing your Excellency. Above all this the education they pay is not transfomative.

The ‘I don’t have anything to loose’ young people who also posses some level of enlightenment are slowly replacing a peasant class who formerly survived on a small piece of land that was risked away for their future.

These young people are a new risk to African nations systems of political economy. We need to empower them but first, we must end the anxiety that corruption is causing to them. The widespread feeling among them that paper money comes before work and ingenuity. The belief that dishonesty and short term gains supersede honesty and long term investment. That a new smart phone is better than a life and are therefore willing to risk their life and that of others to get it.

These are people we are leaving behind each. My frustration is that all planners and political leaders are in the know of this and know what must be done but are all lamenting instead of taking action. I believe that this attitude is another form of corruption. Is it possible that we can use all we have to reverse this trend? Can we reform our education system as a matter of priority? Can you advise all religious organizations to join hands, preach about the realities ahead of our society and reduce false preachings that seem to detach people from reality?

Have a blessed weekend.

Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi


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