“If it quacks and walks like a duck —-Mao

Two weeks ago Musician Bobi wine withdrew photos from his Facebook wall and made great apologies to all his followers. Though withdrawn, the photo he took having lunch with Mao had already cost him all opposition members confidence, support and he is likely to regret it further in elections.

Bobi had however not gone to seek DP card but to explain why he cant hold the DP flag as he sought an endorsement for the party to follow him an individual in the election.

That briefly describes how low Uganda’s oldest opposition party is turning under Mao who turned the bottle upside down to display all its bottom on Thursday when he donned opposition no one enemy’s uniform.

In George orwells celebrated novel, Animal farm, The leaders Pigs connived with the oppressors [humans] for a very long time doing a lot of malicious things worse than humans did.

They were all temporally covered up using propaganda (Squirrel), force (Dogs) and exploiting trust and generosity of all animals to work for a common cause.

Pigs started by drinking cows milk by themselves, it didn’t sound weird after all even cows wanted to be milked. But the situation progressed to mandatory demand for eggs, murder of suspects, sleeping in house, selling off of boxer the hardest and most loyal servant at the farm deleting and changing laws until it remained one as dealing with the number one enemy [man] became normal.

These distanced Pigs from other animals but none of the animals woke-up to their evil oppression and suppression as they all lived in fear of terror from their ‘liberator’.

The very last evil that crumbled the farm is when the leader Napoleon with total impunity dressed in human clothes and walked on two feet like man.

Norbert Mao said on capital gang, “If it quacks and walks like a duck —then it is a duck.”

I was mesmerized when I saw Mao dressed in Museveni’s army Uniform! I combed my brain for an excuse for my eye sight.

Was this just photoshoped? My experience told me no. Is this an old photo taken years back? It did not look a scanned photo? Is this Mao’s face or his look alike? He is the very one who said ‘when it quacks like a duck’.

Then ‘Is Mao above ‘quacking like a duck’? I asked myself.

Yes Mao is not just quacking like, he is actually a ‘duck’ that shouldnt be mistaken for a hen or pigeon.

At a time when security organizations are all on the spotlight for abuse of human rights, torturing suspects and the roaming insecurity, a deeper association with them is a display of direct link to evil.

When Mao met Kaihura in Mbarara over Easter holidays as he secured police to disperse BAD DP rally in Masaka, many Ugandans gave him a benefit of doubt even when he beat up DP members in Kampala, Masaka and Luweero leading to death of one Kiggundu Vincent.

All reasoning that Mao and Mbidde had sold the party to Museveni and actually the 2 are NRM agents in DP working as imposters had failed to hold until Mao’s dressing incident.

As it was in the novel, dining and dressing like the oppressor is the worst form of betrayal any leader can do to followers.

Dressing represents a person’s inner feeling and a level of dedication, shamelessness and impunity within that person.

Mao has pushed DP to a level of registering success in just participation in an election. In recent Aruu county by-elections, Mao like Museveni took a photo with the DP candidate—and for all the efforts the person who got 4000 votes when he stood as an independent 4months back got 400 votes with Mao’s photo!

This dressing betrayal will always be remembered as we remember the theoretical ‘Pigs human cloth dressing’ in Animal farm.

It will be counted among the abuse of power and sacrilegious sins Mao has committed to DP which even his grandchildren must account for. The evil list reads:

Unleashing police terror on DP members gathered for party activities in Kampala, Masaka and Luweero which lead to death of one member Mzee Vincent Kiggundu  will never be forgotten as long as the party exists.

The second and worst evil is Mao conniving with and helping a dictator to suppress Ugandans. By weakening the opposition, selling party members and structure to NRM Mao has made a fight against Museveni’s dictatorship complicated.

Like it was in Animal farm, Mao knows how far betrayal has parted him with people he is supposed to lead. Is it this fear that made you dress in army combat to scare of citizens? Like it was in animal farm my prediction that mark your bliss point and from tommorrow your on a down word slide.

Mao said “When it quacks and walks like a duck. . . . then its a duck. No sheep moves with Hyenas