Tanzanian star singer Diamond Platnumz has mourned the

Diamond Platnumz

death of the man who lost a wife to him, Ivan Ssemwanga.

He wrote on Instagram: “Mbele yako, nyuma yetu, literally meaning we are coming just after you”.
This is a common Tanzanian statement people use meaning “we all follow the same path of death to imply that the deceased has only gone before us but we all shall follow the same path”.
He accompanied the emotional tribute with a red lit candle in a black ground. SpearNews has learnt that the candle is a symbolic tool that represents deep feelings of love and great sympathy to the departed one. It also communicates that the person who the candle is or was lit for is a courageous person.
In a previous interview, Diamond stated that he had no differences with the late and had only met him once about two years ago at MTV Awards.
He traveled by bus on his first trip to South Africa through Zambia because he had illegal documents. On his arrival, the former broke guy who died a tycoon started his journey in South African Capital of Pretoria as a traditional witchdoctor with the help of a friend.
He started working at a shrine and later few friends helped him set up his own as time passed on. He was later branded “Sangoma” a phrase used to describe traditional healers. His main clients were South African rich people who helped him grow the business very fast by setting up branches to the rest of the country.
After securing endorsements from influential politicians and fellow business people, Ivan managed to set up Brooklyn city colleges. At the time of his death, he’d set up over seven campuses across East Africa. He quit the witchcraft business and concentrated on his colleges.
Among the many things he got himself was lover Zari Kirigwajjo a socialite who later deserted him for the Tanzanian singer Diamond. He is survived with three kids.