The youth wing of the democratic party has expressed disgust of the selfish and dictatorial tendencies practiced by Mao administration at the headquarters.
The youths among others accuse Mao of running a 3 people NEC made of Him, Siranda and Mbidde, giving available youth opportunities selectively to only 3people, lack of proper training policy and usurping powers of youth leader as Okidi Christopher
At the helm of EALA elections Mbidde ordered all members not loyal to him and Mao be removed from official DP whatup group which was done.
The group is likely to tear again as concerns from the youth wing are filtering through and pausing serious damage to the already decayed leadership from within.
The SpearTip dug out chat between disgusted youth and administration.  We reproduce the hard chat here: 
D P youth on a sanitary campaign early 2017. This was the last known DP public activity
 [27/05 9:45 pm] Enock
I have learnt that you have also introduced a travel racket within the system and its only benefiting a seems there are a few who are bright to attend some programs and others are too dense and cant attend
The 2 programs are Pypa and ebridge, iam told you nominated Nakyanzi for two programs running concurrently as if there are no other able youths, if you really meant to build capacity like you have always asserted then it shouldn’t be built on only two or three people. For my friend Katende you have made him a perennial beneficiary.
How come that at the same time and year you’ve nominated Nakyanzi, Katende and Sembajwe for Ebridge
Are these 3the only people in the youth
Why only this trio all the time, iam not asking to seek your attention for the same opportunities but kindly don’t narrow it to a few. I think the three of you were voted to rejuvenate the youth wing not to seek damn opportunities for yourselves.
Kindly respond here
 [27/05 9:47 pm] ‪Laker Moses Okot +256 782 559886‬: I had wanted to raise that too
[27/05 9:54 pm] KATENDE MOSES: Aaaaaah Enock put me out of your allegations.
In fact to clear my name you should understand that this year I have only confirmed 2trips abroad…
I have not been nominated by the party to attend any program this year so please get my name out of your allegations……
[27/05 9:56 pm] ‪+256 702 416792‬:👀
[27/05 10:18 pm] ‪+256 788 286750‬: Hahahahahaha. Mpagila Gwe boss if okidi is on this forum let him carry his own cross. Atuwe answer period no big deal unless it’s museveni’s government where there is no one else eligible to take off his seat ever sole candidate.
[27/05 10:22 pm] KATENDE MOSES: Enoch leave me alone Me my role is to give full expertise to the party…. Incase opportunities come in I always to to represent fully but also get capacity
[27/05 10:25 pm] Okidi C: Thanks Enoch for your concerned, I am responding to this because I have been pushing for a policy of capacity development. Let me clear my name on this. I think this is a legitimate concern that deserves a response.
First you may be aware that am out of office and there is no way I can make nomination. Am not even aware of any nominations to E Bridge. Even before I left office I disagreed with the top party leadership over discarding some of my nominees some thing I thought was patronising which I disagree with.
Even when I had pushed in management a policy of capacity building for youth and how it is not mere attending them but ploughing back the skills to the benefit of the party. I have been of very low morale since that disagreement.
I think your question can best be answered by the president and secretary general as the principal external contacts of the party. I have only nominated Sempijja because I was startled by his commitment to the party and kept wondering why his capacity was not being build.
Secondly My logic has always been to identify talent and deploy them accordingly, the only time I ever recommended other than Sempijja was last year of which Katende and Lillian Nyakuni were part and their performance was exceptional. I advised that they be taken for E bridge since it is a purely media platform and you remember my working committee approach.
The two have led in that committee which you Enoch were part of and E-bridge I was thinking was going to build media capacity. My nominees Katende emerged the best and will join them as faculty member to Tutor. Even Lillian Nyakuni the former VP of MUBS Guild performed extremely well and KAS on their own motion recommended her to the Media Summer School and are considering her for the Youth Think Tank.
These are the qualities of my people, and if you see you find that I carefully do these and if the people who have taken over nomination can only follow that logic Eversince I disagreed on this matter with our party leaders. I nolonger do recommendation for such. So I think the President and Siranda can be in better position to answer you on this years recommendees
Am not selfish at all, not inconsiderate, I love talent, and love dispersing opportunities to young people. I dont even compete with young people I lead over opportunities. I have been in this party, never done any of those training. All the trainings I have heard and academic opportunities were outsourced by my non political network.
I was approached by the organisers to attend them. Emmy Otim particularly called me saying all youth leaders in uganda have attended except me and I told him that doesnt justify my attendance. And that is the difference between me and them. I dont compete for opportunities with people I lead. My outlook is different.
Thanks for your concern Yours truly Christopher Okidi
[27/05 10:32 pm] Enock: So with due respect the duo does select?!
[27/05 10:40 pm] ‪+256 752 724282‬: Young Democrats, oh no, stop being the betty nambooze follower from within, otherwise you are acting as such.
[27/05 10:41 pm] Kijjambu: When you are in the bed you get to know the stings of the bed bugs, seeing lifetime allegations flying once again. Musa wama you are in position to know and clear lies.
[27/05 10:50 pm] Saulo nsongambi: Ahh siranda to respond to this so you people here still think that guy can do things in a proper and democratic way anyway I wish you the best
[27/05 10:50 pm] Okidi C: I thought u needed an explanation which I did in all honesty.
[27/05 10:51 pm] Saulo nsongambi: In DP everything is possible
[27/05 10:55 pm] Enock: Hmmm
[27/05 10:58 pm] Saulo nsongambi: It my opinion I know okidis powers have been usurped but he can’t mention it here but with UPC guys just expect the worst just watch the space [27/05 11:01 pm] Enock:
[27/05 11:04 pm] KATENDE MOSES: I have known Okidi Chris and his working approach for a long time Instead of pinning Okidi just understand that this is a strong policy problem that can be addressed to relevant offices I also want to remind you that the President ,PRESIDENT NOBERT MAO had the heart of working with young people unless if you question his power, willingness @Enock which i beg you should restrain from
[27/05 11:11 pm] KATENDE MOSES: I accredit this Statement from the top to bottom
[27/05 11:12 pm] KATENDE MOSES: For the time I have known Okidi since 2008
Resignation is not one of his virtues however hot it is
[27/05/ 11:15 pm] Enock: Willingness—youth!!
[27/05 11:27 pm] KATENDE MOSES: Enoch why are you fighting the President………??????
Does this mean to say that you’re questioning both willingness and his heart to work with young people
[27/05 11:28 pm] Dp kiwanuka: Its an abomination in African leadership
[27/05 11:30 pm] Enock: Ofcourse I can’t fight the PG all I did is just to seek illumination of your statements
[27/05 11:31 pm] Enock: Hihihihihi actually to comrade Gatende, resigning is for weaklings.
[27/05 11:32 pm] KATENDE MOSES: Aaaahh you people
Pur me out of your fights
My loyalty to the president is Paramount and I don’t want to engage in your noise
[27/05 11:33 pm] Enock: 😂😂😂🏃​​​​🏃