Anywar, Mao, Siranda, Odong Otto, Latigo; Cry the great and brave Gipir and Labongo
Hahaaa…when I told the world about the move of odonga Otto last year many did not only misunderstand me, but went personal.
We all remember that late last year a feud broke out between the MPs from The North led by Hon. Otto against Winnie Byanyima.
It all broke out when Winnie took to stand a bailiff of her cousin brother Kanyumunyu to Otto’s disappointment. Well, Winnie’s move was disappointing and to Otto the love for the brother weighed heavier than politics which is human.
But what surprised everyone was when Hon. Otto and Beatrice Anywar jumped to Besigye who was not in gourt or country by the time this happened.
Among the many words he said as he cried:
“Political lines have been drawn…the north is a no go area for Besigye”.
Not much sense could be made from these statements but Anywar has helped society made an interpretation of the statement not only to Otto but to all northerners.
The devil is in search for followers. If you dine with the devil at night, it will always put pressure on you to come out in the sun such that everyone sees that he has followers too and hey, big time followers.
Now who is next!?
Northerners are known to do things in unison. When Akena Moved with all UPC none resisted. And this unity in evil seems at work.
Anywar was a tester for the others to declare. “Betty go first and we see the people’s reaction”. Otto, Latigo, Mao, Siranda, Mbidde are all on queue. Expected even the unexpected–who else would be left out by the way?
Besigye has always said that forget the institutions in opposition but the individuals.
Currently political traitors pausing as opposition are on assignment to demean and character assassinate those who harbor people’s hope. You find them calling them even the least expected names like, Worms, dogs etc on top of black-mailing them. This is intended to unskin hope from people.
Widely publicizing Anywar’s crossing to NRM was an intentional demoralization campaign to freedom fighters in Uganda.
Anywar, a yellow Gomesi, a yellow badge and a yellow cake.
Worth noting now is: Every opposition politician crossing to NRM, supported Hon. Mbabazi in the last election.
Have you noted that!
In Uganda i had always known the northerners as committed and principled people and tool Acholi land as the epitome of bravery— But looking at the queue to NRM now led by Mao, Siranda, Odong Otto, Latigo etc i cry the beloved North and say all you current leaders from the north are a shame to the great Gipir and Labongo 
Odong Otto and Beatrice Anywar
Kitezaala Muzinyabigere