Most of poor Ugandan presidents have always tried to eliminate better Ugandan thinkers in both governments and the opposition.

At the beginning of Uganda after independence, we had Benedicto Kiwanuka a great Democrat who was recognized internationally and the last photo he was with former US president John F Kennedy.

He was eliminated in cheap politics of monarchism by dictators who never wanted anyone to outshine them.

The same way was Andrew Lutakome Kayiira eliminated after NRA had captured power in fear of his wisdom and popularity among Ugandans. This has created a huge gap in our politics since the most prominent and experienced Ugandans are eliminated in favor of incompetent leaders who always seek popularity vote with investing in energy and sacrificing for the good of country.

Wapakhabhulo James and others were also eliminated.
Lastly the man who seconded the people’s power in article one of the constitution Noble Mayombo also disappeared in a manner most Ugandans have never known.

With the current education systems, the better brains have been left behind for the well to do families and their children.

We need to restore order to get better brains not envying them.