Green Star Cleaning Services, a company contracted to offer Cleaning services to Buganda Kingdoms official palace (Twekobe) has filed a lawsuit against Namulondo Investment-administrators demanding for close to Ugx100m in arrears.

The case was lodged in the commercial section of the High Court by city law firm, Ampaire, Tumwebaze and Company Advocates on Monday and it has been allocated to Justice Billy Kainamura. Namulondo Investments has been given 15 days to file written defence

Available details indicate that Buganda Land Board in 2013 had a verbal contract to the cleaners involving only cleaning Muganzirwazza building.

But in 2015 when Namulondo Investments took over management of all Kabaka’s  estate from Buganda Land Board, the contract was allegedly formalised and extended to involve cleaning services to Masengere, Bulange and Butikkiro buildings

“The contract was made formal. It was signed by us but the employer did not. The employer kept playing tricks and never signed, saying it was not necessary. Nonetheless, the employer continued enjoying our services,” the plaintiffs told Online news site the Investigator.

The plaintiffs argue that by March 2017, they were demanding arrears amounting to Ugx168, 020,000.

Namulondo Investments cleared Ugx85, 500,000, of it, leaving a balance of UGX82, 520,000 which the cleaners are now demanding with damages of more than Shs12m, interest and costs of the lawsuit.