Construction of the gate and perimeter wall around Karuzika, the main palace of Omukama of Tooro in Fort Portal town, has stalled.

Last year during the celebrations to mark the 21st coronation anniversary for Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, Uganda Clays Limited embarked on the construction works on the gate, perimeter wall and repair of the driveways and walkways. Uganda Clays was honouring a pledge it made for the celebrations.

Construction works immediately began but were not completed in time for the celebrations.

The kingdom said that completion of the gate and perimeter wall would be in January this year. However it has since stalled.

Bernard Tungwako, the Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister says that construction stalled due to the poor architectural design of the gate and the perimeter fence. He explains that the contractor changed the design without informing the kingdom. He adds that the current structures will be demolished and construction starts afresh.

Tungwako says that the kingdom also requires 150 million Shillings to repair the driveway and walkways.

John Baguma, the deputy kingdom works minister says they are hopeful that construction will be completed before this year’s 22nd coronation anniversary event in September. He explains that the perimeter wall and gate are necessary due to encroachment and illegal entry to the palace by residents neighbouring the palace who graze their cows in the palace’s compound.