Three more mothers are stuck at Bishop Ceaser Asili Memorial Hospital for over a month over unpaid medical bills.

They are Lois Ajalu, Aisha Nakanjako and Annet Nalwadda, all residents of Luweero district.

The three mothers delivered through C-section and were retained by the hospital for failure to clear their medical bills. The mothers have spent between one and two months at Ceaser Asili Memorial Hospital.

Ajalu owes the hospital Shillings 600,000, Nakanjako Shillings 360,000 and Nalwadda Shillings 480,000. According to Nakanjako, shortly after her delivery the hospital asked for Shillings 460,000 but her husband was only able to raise Shillings 100,000. Nakanjako says she pleaded with the hospital to release her to go and look for the balance in vain.

Cost of health services: Hospital detains mother over unpaid bill

Annet Nalwadda, another mother also says she pleaded with the hospital to let her go and look for the money in vain. Nalwadda broke up with her husband before delivery and is currently surviving on handouts from friends. Lois Ajalu has spent the last three months at the hospital for failure to pay Shillings 600,000. Ajalu, who regrets giving birth in the hospital for long, says she feels stressed.

The three mothers have asked the Health Ministry to come to their rescue, saying they are too poor to afford the medical bills. This afternoon, Winnie Kiiza, the Leader of the Opposition rushed to Luweero together with the area woman MP, Lilian Nakate and their Lira counterpart, Joy Atim to rescue, Stella Adong from the same facility who was also held for failing to pay Shillings 495,000.

Adong delivered twins five mother ago but was retained by the hospital after failing to clear the medical bill. She asked the hospital to release Adong, saying the Health State Minister, Joyce Moriku has promised to clear her medical bills.

Lilian Nakate, the Luweero Woman Member of Parliament, although Adong has been discharged, she has nowhere to go because her family evicted over accumulated rental arrears. The legislator has decided to stay with Adong as they trace for her parents in Nwoya district, where she hails from.

Sister Ernestine Akullu, the Administrator of Bishop Ceaser Asili Memorial Hospital declined to speak to journalists and also blocked her staff from doing so, saying the media is tarnishing the image of the facility.

However, in her interaction with the MPs, Sister Akullu noted that they are overwhelmed by a high number of people who are unable to pay for the medical services.

Akullu said they are stuck with unpaid medical bills amounting to Shillings 50 million, saying they only receive Shillings 21 million under Primary Health Care from government, which can’t help either.

Bishop Ceaser Asili Memorial is private Catholic Church founded hospital based in Luweero town