A government committee has recommended minimum wage of 136,000/- after a long struggle under the guise of protecting investors for job creation.

This set wage is slightly better than the 6,000/- that was set by colonialists in 1935 but if you consider the cost of living then as compared to today, it could be the usual slogan of no change or SEATED Progress.

If this money is passed by cabinet as proposed; it will help many Ugandans that have been under-employed and earning less than 100,000/- a month out of desperation.

Fast Forward:

The excuse that was being advanced by the regime that minimum wage will scare away investors was neither here nor there because the only benefit of investors presence in a given country is to increase jobs as well as the tax base.

Our approach has not only been wrong, but fundamentally fraudulent because we have not been stopping at the excuse of jobs but we have been extending tax waivers and increasing the deficit burden of a tax payer through illegal and unnecessary tax waivers.

THE BIG QUESTIONS: Why would any country prioritize foreigners at the detriment of citizens?

Do you think cabinet will support the proposed 136,000/- as minimum wage?

Which Way Uganda?

Sarah Bireete

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