Kasibante Moses (Hon)

History in Uganda lies 70% in Buganda region. The Uganda martyrs, Kabaka Mwanga, Kasubi tombs and other pre-colonial sites that provides a prelude to Uganda martyrs stem from one region. Hon Kasibante Moses MP for Rubaga north expresses concern over a deliberate move to kill off such historical sites with envy!

I am now more than ever convinced, that Uganda is remaining poor largely because it’s leadership which typically lacks the kind of vision it needs to develop.

I have just been riding around the palace in Mengo and i got very overwhelmed!. Buses ferrying pilgrims to Namugongo from Kenya and DRC made stopovers almost at every corner of the palace looking at a place that they were told Mwanga lived!.

I remembered what i saw in Rwanda: even looking at the debris of the plane in which the late Habyarima was killed you pay some amount of dollar. The formerly state house used by Habyarimana is itself a museum and one of the most hyped tourists attraction fetching alot of foreign currency to the countries economy!.

All these can’t be compared to even the single history of Mwanga related to the Uganda martyrs. I mean if old people aged above 80s and pregnant women just weeks to deliver can trek journeys from as far as Kenya, DRC etc to Namugongo great shrines , how about having them tour places including the burial grounds of including Chief Mukaajanga, the shrines of the great Mwanga, the home villages of the martyrs etc!.

Really when i see my brother hon Kiwanda dining with chimpanzees and gorillas i feel ashamed!. Uganda still has alot of untapped unique tourist attractions which would be exploited, before dining with the wild beasts which though are attractive, are not only unique to Uganda.

Kasibante Moses (Hon)

The writer is members of parliament Rubaga North