Uganda National Roads Authority-UNRA has come under fire from residents of Cheptai Parish in Bwikhoge Sub County in Bulambuli district for failure to compensate them for taking their land along the Muyembe-Nakapiripiri road.

According to the residents, UNRA took part of their land during the reconstruction of Cheptui Bridge that was swept away by floods in 2006. Residents expressed their disappointment during monitoring visit by the Physical Infrastructure Committee of Parliament on Thursday evening.

John Matingo, the LC 3 chairperson Bwikhoge Sub County, says following the collapse of the bridge in 2006, they agreed with UNRA to make a diversion in resident’s gardens for a period of six months. He however, says that only 15 people were compensated by the authority for 6 months, despite the fact that UNRA is still using the land to date.

He wants the Committee to establish why UNRA only compensated a few residents and left others. Joshua Mwasa, one of the affected residents, says he was only paid Shillings 3 million for his commercial house and land yet he used Shillings 15 million on construction.

Tadewo Mwasa, another resident regrets why he sold his only goat to open a bank account to expecting money from UNRA in 2007, which hasn’t come to date. According to Mwasa, UNRA fell trees in his garden to create the diversion, but hasn’t compensated him.