Luweero town council authorities have lifted the ban on night prayers by Pentecostal churches. Last month, Luweero town council in conjunction with police banned night prayers citing security concerns and noise pollution.
The ban attracted strong criticism from Pastors and their followers. They accused the authorities of infringing on their freedom of worship. Now, Paul Mukungu, the Luweero Town Council LC 3 chairman says they held a meeting with pastors and resolved to lift the ban on night prayers.
He however, says they agreed to institute security measures and regulate the number of night prayers conducted in a week. Mukungu says they also resolved that those holding the night prayers work closely with the newly established council of Pastors and police.

Pastors have welcomed the lifting of the night prayer ban. Bishop Samson Karwanyi, the Chairperson Luweero Town Pastor’s Council, says most of their followers are busy during the day and can only turn up for night prayers, adding that stopping them would be very unfair.

Karwanyi argues that even Jesus and his apostles spent nights praying so no local authorities should stop people from following their ways.

Pastor David Buwanga of Goshens Gospel Ministries says they are not opposed to being regulated and screened. He admits that there are wrong elements within Pentecostal churches, who can only be eliminated through a transparent screening exercise.

Pastor Morris Kigongo of Inter Christian Born Again Church says that the regulation will help them to get rid of fake pastors who are misleading their followers for their personal gains.

Paul Kangave, the Savannah Region Police Spokesperson, says they will work with Pentecostal churches to harmonize night prayers to enable them keep law and order in town.

There over 80 Pentecostal churches, three mosques, one catholic church and one Anglican Church in Luweero town.