53 kids, 20 something pregnant girls some allegedly students!!

24 of the kids under one year? Wouldn’t one need to have an own private clinic to take care of the pregnancies and children’s suckness? Was Proffesor Mukiibi a village He-goats that mates with She-goat at only days when they are on heat prior to conceiving?
High school students? Are S3 students over 18 these days? In my days they used to be fifteen and jail bait and out of bounds to any teacher with ethics!
I refuse to believe these Ugandan newspapers. I would love to believe that this is a newspapers running off with gossip, even outright fabrications. That the late Mukiibi adopted the children or fostered them – as any responsible, caring, well-to-do, head of schools would have done to give the less fortunate a chance. I totally refuse to believe he sired from his loins any more than a handful of children.
Yet some years ago an old girl from st. Lawrence told me that Mukibi used to take out beautifull girls for dinners. So am forced to admit that the news papers reportingS has some truth.
It may have been more than dinner outings!
And there were reports sometime back that Mukiibi had secret relationships with his students.
And that one parent was warned to forcely take away her daughter Mukiibi was after the girl. It was revealed to the mother that the man was a devil worshiper.
I therefore propose that If it turns out that at least one of the baby mamas was a student, the man should have his education medals stripped of him posthumously.
And surely, knowing that Mukiibi was very near the first family that has all intelligence machinery at its disposal which definitely makes background investigation into people who come closer to it, what does this has to say about our country?
If this is true,yet Mukiibi was awarded if a hero’s medal,what does this say about our medal awarding committee.
To me Mukiibi is a bigger embarrassment to Uganda than he is to his dead body.