Mr. Sherif El Kallini the CEO of Egypt Uganda Food Security Company which has constructed an abattoir in Bombo has lashed out at the Animal Husbandry State Minister Joy Kabatsi for the corruption in Uganda.

The State Minister had yesterday gone to visit the abattoir on invitation from the management. The investor claims he was wooed to Uganda by President Museveni to invest in an abattoir. The Egyptian invested $11 million in a modern abattoir 32km north of Kampala near Bombo town in Luwero district to process and package meat , mainly beef for both the local and export markets.

The facility has the capacity to slaughter 1,000 cows daily and can hold up to 5,000 animals waiting to be slaughtered. It also has coolers, skinning equipment and a processing plant as part of the standard equipment demanded by Kampala City Council Authority and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards.

Sherif El Kallini claims that the Museveni’s government promised him tax exemption on vehicles, to supply him with animals for slaughter, work permits for his works and others which have not been forthcoming. Kallini also decried the high electricity tariffs claiming that he pays USD 5,000 every month in power bills.

He is also disappointed that the government has since refused to sign the Memorandum of Understanding to this effect. He also said it took him three years to get his land title yet he had to bribe to get it. He added that all the workers are thieves stealing from the company. The Minister pledged to take up the matter immediately.

“We are going to look at the MOU which is supposed to have been signed, I am going to check on it straight away from here and if it needs signing I will sign”, she said.

She also promised to engage Ministry of Energy to bring the power tariffs down when the facility begins exporting. He has since threatened to storm President Museveni on the matter and close business and relocate to Tanzania claiming that the rampant corruption in the country has not favoured his business.