Mr.Museveni will deliver the State if the nation at Serena Hotel Kampala before members of Parliament, Ministers and invited dignitaries including ambassadors from various countries.
A State of the Nation address is defined as the an annual message delivered to Congress /Parliament by the president of a State, in which he/she describes the current state of the country, outlines the nation’s most serious problems, and proposes his/her annual program of legislation.
Speaking on NBS morning breeze Jeema president Asuman Basalirwa has said that after 31years of one man’s rule there is visual and audio fatigue in Mr.Museveni’s speeches among the legislators and general public and it requires a lot of energy and cheerfulness for the President to attract people to attentively listen to him.
Many people believe that Mr. Museveni will deliver his usual speech and would rather not bother to listen in.
What Ugandans wish to hear In actual sense Ugandans would wish to know the state of corruption in Uganda, the state of torture in Uganda, the state of poverty, the state of unemployment, the state of sick hospitals, the situation of education in Uganda etc.
They would wish the president to tell them how many billions have been stolen from the government and not telling them the cheap Kabafunzaki- Aya corruption comedy.
They want him to talk about billions stolen not millions.
They would wish to see a state of the real Nation where ministers won’t sleep but listen to the actual situation the country is in.
They want to know how much of the oil tax has been remitted or stolen by who–handshake aside.
Besides watching sleeping ministers, Ugandans want to know the genuine position and progress in the oil sector not telling them small programs like operation wealth creation–drip iligation etc.
Above all Ugandans need to know how Mr Museveni is making arrangements for his retirement because he is soon making 75 years.
That’s the true STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS Ugandans are longing for and discuss on different platforms.