Diversionary politics seems to be a force moving current Ugandans 70% of whom are disgusted with the current government.

Its now very common for the population to be diverted off serious topical issues by government media or other propaganda channels to catchy but not so helpful topics as time blows off the serious issue.

Prior to professor Mukiibi’s death there was rumor that the celebrated St Lawrence colleges belonged to to the first family and just like in many other businesses in Kampala he was used just as a front man.

Janet Museveni at the mass

Suspicion rose high when Janet Kataaha Museveni (not a common burial guest) attended a requiem mass for the late and personally laid flowers to the dead.

Then at the burial news went, “NRM government promised to takeover St Lawrence schools”

Then what followed such announcements was a media outburst of the late professors high libido, a marathon of widows and children which silenced Ssemwanga’s and erased Carol the cancer girls death.

As attention is pushed to the number of kids and widows and crucifying the dead who set to face his creators judgement, Hon Kasibante Moses has today raised a question that seek to get answers to the welfare of the living rather than turning them into a laughing stock as their future inheritance changes hands: He says:

The late Mukiibi's children
The late Mukiibi’s children

My concern on the late Prof Mukiibi is not how many children or wives he had, in any case Solomon the great King had 500 wives minus concubines in days when the universe had fewer people, then every day one other Musevenis child gets public we dont where he will end naye

I read something  in Bukedde mentioned by one of the lates closest friends; that he was under pressure because of somebody claiming owning his schools!.

This note has been ignored in all the debates. Why should an “employee” be under pressure because the owner claims what belongs to him or her!?

Is it that some body wanted to steal his wealth or as rumor goes these are first family owned schools and he was just a front-liner as it is in many other investments in Uganda?