President Museveni has ended today with a “big catch” in his political net after Democratic party former spokesperson and LC5 Chairman for Masaka prophesied on him a long grip onto power because of his “prompt response to threats”
Mbabali who traveled from Masaka to Kampala for his district share of road equipment bought from Japan using taxpayers money, forgot that the money used to work on roads is paid by the poor people in his district as he started singing praises for Mr. Museveni. 
The equipment was procured using a loan that was secured from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.
After having a word with Museveni, Mbabali posted bragging that in a record of 20 minutes Museveni’s promise of giving him 30bn for construction of Bukakata and Nyendo roads was being effected through Allen Kagina and Finance Minister Kashaija.
The same roads are however listed as roads to be worked on in 2017/2018 national budget.
Experience shows all people moving into NRM start with praising minor issues they hitherto castigated followed by getting small favors
Here is Jude Mbabali’s full post;
Why M7 still rules Uganda?
He respondents to threats immediately.
This morning I threw it in his face at Bweyogere where I was receiving from him Brand new Road Construction and Mantanance Units for Masaka District that Bukakaka and Nyendo Roads must be worked on this year or else I cause a resolution in Masaka District Council to close the two roads and mobilise voters to effect the resolution. On hearing this serious threat from me, he called his Minister for finance, Matia Kasaijja and the ED of UNRA Allen Kagina and directed the two to sit with me to immediately find money for the Nyendo road. In a record of 20 minutes Ug Shs 30 Billion had been found and it now pends my official written communication to the minister finance copied to president and UNRA demanding for the same.
Minister Kasaija and Madam Allen Kagina thank you for the urgency with which you have acted, our Nyendo people rioted last week and were going to riot next week against neglect of the bad road and they would be very right. Bishop Kaggwa also threatened to spear head a demonstration over the same in one of his Easter Summons.