The Kabaka of Buganda Ronal Muwenda Mutebi has ordered for mass registration of all Baganda’s in and outside the Kingdom to have their numbers and background effectively recorded

The Kabaka made this order to  Baganda Clan heads On May 30, at lubiri Mengo while addressing members of the Musu (giant rat) Clan who made a customary visit to the Kabaka, commonly known as Okulanya.

Ssaabasajja said registration should start from mpya (family units) all the way to busolya (clan level). He advised members to use available technologies to ease the registration.


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In such visits clan leaders report transitions or prominent members to Kabaka and also get a chance to discuss different matters of mutual interests with Kabaka face to face.

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Omutaka Muyingo, Samuel Bulega Ssebugwaawo spoke on behalf of his clan. Omutaka Muyingo is, coincidentally, a first uncle to Nnabagereka, Sylvia Nnagginda.

Registration of clan members was the second of five key things that Kabaka Mutebi said were necessary, to strengthen Baganda clans.

The others are, pilgrimages to clan ancestral homes (obutaka) by Abazzukulu and getting to know each other, preservation and wider use of clan names, recording the histories of clans and increased use of [Embuga] ya Kisekwa, to resolve disputes within clans.