• Shocked by names that made it to the heroes list yesterday, many Ugandans seemed to agree on one thing; Those are not the true heroes this country deserves.  Many have gone ahead to nominate and award their true heroes on this day.

The Gomma division Chairman led a team of all his Councillors and spent the day at Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke’s home as their hero.

Goma division council at Namboozes home

Chairman Erisa Mukasa Nkoyoyo, thanked Nambooze for her selfless fight for the opposition in Uganda and sticking to DP’s tenets of truth and justice.

He described her as a true hero society will always remember not only in DP as a party but as a fearless freedom fighter in Uganda unlike the plastic ones ‘made’ by Museveni.

Kyasa Humphrey, the Goma division speaker thanked hon Nambooze for all her revolutionary activities and extended Councillors appreciation her role in in fighting NRM out of Mukono Municipality and having them elected into offices.

Goma division council fitting Nambooze the Gomesi

Councillors gave Nambooze items that included foodstaff, chicken and a “Goma medal” of a green and white Gomesi.

Over joyed Nambooze thanked Goma division members for appreciating her services to the municipality, democratic party and Uganda in general.

She said this selfless act of the division has inspired her to fight harder for the party DP and the country until sanity is achieved

Omar Kalinge Nyago nominated his own hero and described her as follows:
The Hero(ine) I nominate this June 9
You know her from her politics. Your judgement of her is most likely political. But she is a wonderful wife and terrific mother.
Four years ago, she had a handsome bouncing baby boy. Three weeks later, another mother was not so lucky. She passed on during labour, leaving a tiny cute boy. With her tender baby, she went to attend the burial. She returned with two boys whom we fondly started referring to as ‘twins’.
A working mother, she breastfed the two boys till they stopped- often driving with then to work. The tiny cute one was later to become the big boss in the house, with a broad chest and big romantic eyes to match.
They have both started school this year. Her first ‘twin’ is Izzudeen Omar”. The second ‘twin’ is Abdurahman Omar.
For breastfeeding two boys three weeks old apart, not missing work once, and raising them into the noisy intelligent cantankerous joys they have become, I nominate Hajjat Aisha Kabanda as my hero(ine) this Heroes Day.
She is unfortunate to have a hopeless guy like me for a husband. For that I am sorry.
That is Aisha for you. A bit rough on the outside (she can put up a good fight) but extremely smooth on the inside. Few people I know have a heart as big as Aisha’s.
Will you please join me in awarding her this priceless medal of appreciation.