Former Buganda Kattikiro John Baptist Walusimbi who has been dodging all Kabaka and Buganda Kingdom functions has been spotted at Mr. Museveni’s function.
Unlike his predecessors Mulwanyammuli and Muliika who regularly attend Kabaka’s functions Walusimbi has never been at any Kabaka’s functions since he left office.
On Friday 9th of June the former Buganda premier surfaced at Museveni factions as the country was celebrating the Nation heroes day at Zirobwe.
JB Walusimbi was spotted by the SpearEye looking worried as he sat through the function without any special recognition 
A source in the high circles informed the SpearNews that premier Walusimbi decided to attend Museveni’s functions with hope that he will catch the president’s eye so as to be able to get audience with him.
Its believed that Engineer JB Walusimbi run into financial difficult and would wish to get a bailout from government to retrieve his sinking business firm.
Another source however told the SpearNews that government owes Walusimbi huge sums of money for work that his firm did during State house renovation.
Bailout or payment of outstanding bills, Walusimbi is said to be so frustrated that for several years now he has attempted to reach the President in vain.