• UGANDA: we don’t have to wait for neo-colonialism, we are under Museveni refuge colonialists 
By Prof.Oweyegha Afunaduula.
So when President Museveni advised Ugandans in rural area many years ago to move to towns and cities, it was still integral to his fundamental change?
What we now see is that people are being compelled to move on their own by selling their land to aliens (refugees). Or else land is being grabbed from them by individuals in government, army and police.
Government has a big plan to settle refugees and give them citizenship. It has already said it needs Sh.28 trillion for refugees. As if this is not enough, Uganda has become a country for mafias, drug traffickers and money launderers,
I never imagined all this would be the characteristic description of Uganda when, on 9th October 1962 I joined the rest of Ugandans to celebrate and ululate as the Uganda flag went up and the British flag came down.
I never imagined independence would be a myth, not a reality, in 2017. I never imagined our people would be squatters in their own country. All this has been possible as a result of the NRA rebellion. And now to celebrate this in our schools, the President wants our children and grandchildren to be singing NRA heroes songs.
If I were in Parliament I would say “No! Our children want quality, meaningful, self-reliance education”. Not songs composed by NRA to thank the NRA for paving the way and laying the the foundation for re-colonization of Uganda.
The British colonisers made us as school children to sing “God Save Queen” as we lose everything to them”. Museveni wants our children sing OMWOTO NAWAAKA as they loose their country to refuges right from leadership!
Museveni now Ugandans freely ‘go to work’ in Asia.

By Prof.Oweyegha Afunaduula