The Kyadondo East race has thrown many opposition big wings at crossroads as they find it difficult to ally with Kantinti against Bobi Wine or Bobi wine against Kantinti. Many thought that Dr.Besigye will be in a similar state given his closeness to the two top contenders in the race.

However Dr.Besigye who is quoted to have told one TV station that he will still be in business if finally the vote is taken by Bobi wine has came out openly to campaign for Kantinti and he gave his reason as reproduced below;

“No one disputes the fact that Apollo Kantinti won the 2016 parliamentary seat to represent Kyadondo East in Parliament on merit. Even if ballots papers from the seven ballot boxes that were the basis of nullifying his election were added, he would still be a winner. Therefore, It is a fact that Kantinti won in 2016 and he didn’t win in a free and fair election. Winning an election in a rigged system is not an underachievement.

All my life, whether you like me or not, I have stood for fairness and justice. I have already stated that Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) is my close friend. I even invited him at my residence for a chat and I indicated to him that I support Apollo Kantinti. I told Kyagulanyi that I support Kantinti because I have to be fair to him.

I know what Kantinti went through to win in 2016. Winning unfair political contest to a point that you are declared winner requires a lot from a candidate-you even spend so much financially. I understand what Kantinti has gone through. It is why on the day he lost his appeal, I was there to stand with him in court. I cannot abandon him now.”

Kizza Besigye said this while campaigning for FDC Flag bearer Apollo Kantinti at Wampeewo.