Uganda – a Country where the debt burden is staggering at 37 trillion shillings and each citizen is required to pay 1 million shillings.

Uganda is again very highly indebted to the extent that one can’t stop wondering about the NRM meaning of steady progress, economic growth and development.

Over time – citizens have been entertained to slogans of a country making progress especially economically and security wise!

But like in the old times – when God decides that your time as a leader is up; everything falls apart! 2016/17 has seen the return of bad days of increased insecurity and increased economic hardships.

Economic hardship is a cross cutting problem and the only few people who are not affected are the extremely rich people who compose 1% of the population who even benefit from capital flight from the poor to the rich!

Fast Forward: Debt financing comprise of 30% of the 29 trillion budget but for all our debts to be paid in full, every citizen will have to pay 1 Million shillings! It’s important to note that majority of Uganda’s population are aged between 1-15 years. These are dependents (children).

Another bizarre development is the increment of taxes on medicines entering Uganda which automatically increases cost of treatment in a country where government hospitals are death traps.


Where will the children of Uganda get money to pay back the debt owned by their country? Were Ugandans consulted when these loans were being solicited?

Is falling sick a crime now in Uganda?

Which Way Uganda?

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