By Kabbogoza Nsamu Badru
A journalist working with BBC once interviewed President Museveni on why he was working with mainly westerners, he answered back by asking the Journalist to tell him if amongst the disciples of Jesus Christ there was a gentile, he stressed the point by saying that all the 12 were Jews.
He then told him he works with westerners mainly because it’s them he knows and trusts.
That wouldn’t be my problem. My problem is : why is there unbalanced regional development in Uganda today?
Tribal police?
Baganda, were known coffee growers, my father bought a brand new car from coffee, he bought Land, and many other Baganda. For all the years coffee never wilted, it was a resistant crop.
In 1994-1996,all our ten acres of coffee dried, and this occurred to all the many coffee hectares in Buganda. I believe this wasn’t a mere coffee disease, but a deliberate move to kill the livelihood of Baganda, so that they can sell land.
When coffee dried up, people from Kyaggwe started growing Vanilla, and the culture spread to other parts of Buganda, because of good prices, people accumulated wealth from Vanilla.
What happened the state, monopolized the exportation of vanilla, this Led to low prices and low prices.
The Uganda Police band, it can easily be mistaken for Rwandese
Then people from Butambala have been earning big from Ginger (tangauzi) but the same policy has been applied n now the price is Low, n they are moving out.
Maize, has been the other crop grown but always government restricts exportation. I have not heard about a restriction on exportation of cattle products. Under such frustration, my people are now selling land, and other going abroad for kyeyo living Museveni to happily settle refuges into our country!
This is a deliberate move to keep my people in Poverty. In western Uganda, communities are well organized, each household with a Banana plantation, at least an exotic cattle and goats.
Here in Buganda, communities are totally destroyed, it’s hard today to find in a village someone with an cow, no coffee, no banana, no chicken, no goats, most homes had indigenous pigs but they are nomore. That is the same to the East, and northern regions.
As Ugandans from other regions cry unemployement his tribesmen and westerners fill offices. Looking into public service it’s then worse, Runyarwanda, Runyankole every where.
Guys in Kampala who do business of importation are suffocated by taxes and they are going no where.
Because , I believe museveni deliberately keeps my people in extreme poverty with intention to cramp them into camps and give their land and country to refuges, I shall never support him. We are all victims of his acts.
By Kabbogoza Nsamu Badru