As a concerned person with strong roots in Kkooki, I thought it necessary to have a take on the trend of events in Kkooki county.

The Kamuswaga’s acts of fueling disagreements between Bakooki and other Baganda are unnecessary and should be strongly condemned.

Such acts don’t only deviate from the 1896 colonial era agreement, but also abuse the cordial Father-Son relationship that has existed for the last three hundred years.

Bakooki have been and are still paying their allegiance to the Kabaka of Buganda, and the Kabaka has always appointed them to positions of high office, as exemplified by the following members from the Kooki Royal family; (1).Oweek. Prince Luwaga Patrick Mugumbule, Kaggo-Kyaddondo county 2.Oweek. Prince Kitayimbwa Mumiransanafu, former Muteesa-Mawogola 3.Prince Semei Kakungulu, former Kimbugwe and Buganda warrior 4.Oweek. Prince Peter Muliira, former Buganda Attorney General.

The list of Bakooki who are not members of the royal family that have been appointed to positions of leadership in the Buganda establishment is endless. Even before the 1896 Kkooki agreement, Kkooki was under the leadership and guidance of Buganda.

Actually that is how Omutaka Ssemuwemba (Mamba clan), son to Omutaka Mugula of Entebe managed to become the Kkooki Katikkiro of the 1850s-1860s.

Bakooki are Baganda as other Baganda from other counties who carry the names: Bavuma, Bannakyaggwe, Baluuli, Bannabuddu, Balemeezi, e.t.c. Bakooki share the same clans with Baganda from other counties and actually various clans have their sub-clans and lineages spread all-over Kkooki.

I am well conversant with Kkooki issues, so feel free to consult me for advice. Let us not try to re-write our history as it will turn out to be harmful to all of us!

Awangaale Ssaabasajja!

Lukonge Mukambwe