A man only identified as DENIS has sliced off his manhood [both testicles and penis) using a pair of scissor and died hours later in Arua Regional Referral Hospital Wednesday night where he was being treated.

According to eye witnesses Denis had his hard earned boda boda motorcycle he was using to earn a living impounded by UGANDA REVENUE AUTHORITY operatives for luck of a number plate.

After slicing off his manhood, he was seen walking naked in Lira Municipality to hospital where he died due to over bleeding and excess pain.
Man chops off his private parts
According to northern source Lemeriga Fadhil

Angry community members reacted angrily to URA operatives in the area which they accused of treating Ugandans like foreigners in their own country yet all revenue collected is used by Museveni and his family business.

Some of the reactions

Abibo Fred Why live life when the only thing you have worked for several years is taken away from you in a second without hope of recovery. Plz URA sensitize the youth, organize mobile sensitization for bodaboda riders and help them to pay for number plates in installment, then you will collect revenue and also help the youth who did not know payment of taxes is their obligation. Remember same are born when payment of tax was abolished
David Rupiny Tragic, those who hold power on our behalf need to appreciate the desperate life many live in, am sure the impounded bike meant life and the world for this young man. Yes he might have broken some law but we shouldn’t lose sight of the reality, remember the ‘policy’ on fuel? If you successfully smuggled fuel you sold openly minus disturbance?

Adam Damson Alli The situation at hand needs patiency and enduring otherwise one may commit such atrocity.Rip bro
Ssingo Maize Millers now U.R.A operatives who impounded his boda boda must be celebrating his death,ugandans where are we heading?