BABIRYE Namulindwa Lillian alias Kamome, the democratic party flag bearer in Kyadondo East who announced withdraw from the race Tuesday, is still in the race pending Moa/Mbidde negotiations to force a financial deal with any of the three top candidates in the by-election.

The SpearNews can exclusively reveal that although Moa announced the withdraw of  Kamoome from the race on Tuesday the candidate remains in the race because the party hasn’t formally notified the electoral commission.

According to the law, a party candidate can’t withdraw from the race until the secretary general of that party notifies the EC.

SpearNews has learnt that Mao’s team is yet to sanction it because they are yet to hatch a conclusive deal with either Katinti or Bobi Wine yet also NRM has big interests in her candidature

NRM wants her to appear on the final ballot paper so as to at least cause confusion to party diehards as in this race each vote will count on the final day.

Mao’s DP is holding onto the official EC withdraw letter as their sale merchandise and they are in market looking for the highest bidder.

Its said as a dealer Mbidde registered Kamome an obvious loser as his political capital investment she is more of an item for sale.

When she withdrew and made her preferred candidate known they begged her reserve them a right to sale DP area voters to the highest bidder by ordering her to state that it was party decision to withdraw her candidature.Kamome being a jumpy person who could at any time interfere with the deal by stating her mind to voters, Mbidde and Mao decided to ship her away to a Kalangala beach so as to keep her away from Kyadondo as they negotiate with NRM, FDC or Bobi wine.

To concreatise and legitimize their Kamome-DP middlemen roles, today morning Mbidde/Mao through their media assistant outed an uncalled for media release starting that the “party” is not backing anyone yet until they make a decision.

It’s ironical that a party withdrew a candidate before making a final decision! It further proves the scam around the withdraw or party leaders. The release is placed here below;

Update from DP on Kyadondo East by elections.

DP Secretariat is awaiting formal submission to EC of a letter of withdrawal by the party candidate Lilliane Babirye and acknowledgement of the same by EC. Those formal preliminary processes will precede the party’s announcement on the way forward.

Since the afternoon of Tuesday, there have been engagements between the pro democrat forces in the race at various levels. For instance, the party can confirm that candidate Robert Kyagulanyi has assigned Eddie Yawe, who’s a member of the DP National Council to engage DP’s top leaders.

The pronouncement on DP position will come from the office of the DP President General. Any other pronouncements and declarations, however enthusiastic and we’ll intentioned, should be disregarded.

Issued by Fred Mwesigwa, DP Press Secretary, Office of the president