Hapa ndio siasa zimetufikicha?

Irate commuters orders Alfred Mutua’s supporter to get out of a Machakos bus.Then the debate turned hotter on social media:

Musa Abdikadir Ahmed Translation: Mutua is auctioning kamba tribe to jubilee. Wavinya Ndeti of wiper is the incoming governor. There is no kikuyu supporting nasa. 40b devolved to Machakos cannot show what has been done. The guy is also been ordered to alight from the matatu and his cost of seat is refunded by the hello yellow woman….#Ukambani ni NASA 100%

Aran Japesa Jandhiwa That’s why l love Dholuo.. Very easy to understand and no matter how bitter you are you can’t afford to shout..
Sarah Kareem N u see pple happy abt this…nkt..vita huanza na mm na ww..its time pple understand that politics will end bt kenya is us to stay safe n peaceful..
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Maureen Otieno Everyone is entitled to their opinion. In a PSV transport vehicle, such unorthodox behaviour should not be entertained. People can agree to disagree in a much more genteel manner.
Elizabeth Pearce I am very ashamed for the brothers and sisters of ukambani for letting politicians devide them, look where there’s benefit of people of machakos pls don’t be fooled by people who remembers you on the time of there needs, be wise and so no for nothing
Simiyu Edmonds This is high level of primitivity. The other person has his democratic right to choose otherwise despite him being a Kamba…
Danson Nyambu You think whoever your fighting for carers about you nktt be yourself mnarushiana midomo for nothing keep peace to live in peace
Chriss Will Is this for real??
Daniel Ngari Kumbe that zone is battle zone, i thought it shouldn’t
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Tito Mkubwa Jeff Jeffy.These are kenyans expressing their political opinions.you can gauge the situation with the passion with which the woman is expressing it.
Joan Mercy Ogada Not fajr though,baba alitupa democracy let’s be Democratic
 Dottoressa Ngunjiri ujinga ya hali ya juu. tuck in ur tongues….and mind about what u gonna feed ur families tonight. those that ur argue about are all DRIVING HOME IN BIG CARS,TO DINNE LIKE KINGS na nyinyi mko kwa matatu with mouths wide opened na hiyo vumbi.
 Jose Ruita This thing of people confronting each other cos of politicians is disgusting!!
  Wambua Kavila Primitivity at its best, archaic, crude, unbecoming behavior, absurd
 Naomi Tish What’s wrong with this kambas? Everybody is entitled to there own opinion
 Jeremy Muriki That is how it starts and the next minute people killing each other because of politicians 
Millie Blessing Antoine Musembi Jnr come and help me here
 Samuel Chege How is that a good thing, if indeed true?
Tai Chi Only 41 people are in that bus and you are talking about 98%
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 Brechy Kiki This is scary
William Otieno Our brothers n sisters
LMargaret Wazome Stupidity of the highest order
Jacoɓ Oɗhiambo Good supporters
Octo Yule M Illest All those people in that video are fools…. Yes fools….
Kennedy Titus Onyango People see Kenya’s is changing very fast
Shiku Waithaka Mueni Steveh what they saying?
Ruth Kibibi Rasmussen Sad. Peace peace
Omogo Oremo Kambas are not stupid or corrupt.
Allan Jones Chepkener Very immature
Mwende Terrie i can see someone there …..her characters lo!!