By: Kitezaala Muzinyabigere

The political landscape is increasingly featuring Independent candidates across the political divide in Uganda despite the existing multiparty dispensation.

Museveni and his NRM statistics show are not voted by the majority of the population but stay at the helm by dividing the many opposition votes into many candidates.

An in-depth study of the patterns and conduct of the players therein reveals bitter facts and points to a conspiracy intended to lock sharp politicians outside as it ushers in lukewarm political jokers with whom Musevenis family plan can be fulfilled without resistance.

The independents era, has come with artists with an intention of striking a balance between the true change loving Ugandans and the NRM party people are disgusted of.

The NRM strategy to have a presence in Kampala lays in fielding independents especially those who claim to be opposition leaning and dressing their candidates in opposition colors.

MP Nsereko won in Kampala as an independent and making luke-worm criticism of the NRM, Nabilah Nagayi won as an FDC with NRM’s Nakiwala Kiyingi dressed in DP colors to guard out true opposition figures.

NRM’s Beti Kamya was nearly cheated into parliament as an opposition party candidate. Currently NRM strategy is to demoralize serious opposition politicians, black mail voters by middle line or ‘independents’ and buying them off into either NRM or silence.

Museveni’s only future work plan is preparing ground for his family monarchy. . He intends to eliminate now all sensible politicians such that the coming generation is filled with selfish opportunists who will not give his son hard times he can’t handle.

Last week he announced he is now dealing with his grandchildren and current ministry of education program to register all children is in line with his Muhoozi project.

Reliably gathered intelligence show there exists a conspiracy hatched in State House under the watchful eye and personal supervision of the First lady who is determined to carry on with the M7 legacy.

It all started when Gen Sejusa blew the whistle on this clandestine operation which was geared at having Muhoozi Kainerugaba at the helm of this country through rapid military promotions and appointments.

This was a setback to the grand plan and to that effect  before the 2016 elections Ms Janet M7 set out to repair the damage caused then revitalize the ruined plan.

To that end, State House intelligence recommended Mukasa Mbidde on the opposition wing and Hon Mohamed Nsereko the Kampala Central MP.

Mbidde’s package will be discussed later but Nsereko presented a concept addressing all shortcomings in the initial plot and proposed solutions.

Through the concept, Nsereko convinced State House that Muhoozi’s political future lies in building his own political capital from his generation. This fact was supported by the voting statistics which have the young generation as majority.

Nsereko advised that this project would work best in Buganda if NRM promotes luke-worm minded Baganda into politics which will subsequently kick serious politicians from Buganda out.

He argued that if NRM can use young popular celebrities, they will easily win political positions, help subdue standard class politicians especially from the central and can easily be manipulated or compromised to fit into the project.

Nsereko was appointed to champion this scheme and an unspecified amount of money was allocated to accomplish the task. Nsereko in then used the opportunity to plead with the First Lady to help him relocate Eddy Yawe of DP from Kampala Central. Yawe had actually won the 2011 vote and it was through financial intervention that Nsereko stayed in parliament as Yawe  withdrew the court case.

He was allowed to make mild NRM critism to gather support as he fielded candidates who would later be rallied to support the Muhoozi Presidency when the time comes.

This started a long trek of low class rich youths and celebrities into only Buganda politics with a hope that the politically very green artists can sub-due their youthful fans into the Muhoozi conspiracy. Museveni knows Buganda once one has Buganda he can have the rest of Buganda.

It’s in this line that many youthful 2016 ‘opposition’ or opposition leaning independents are actually NRM. It began at recruitment level. NRM can support a youthful luke-worm politician than a reasoning NRM flag bearer

Immediately after the elections, Nsereko was given a dealer role to handle and deliver all young [first time] politicians to Museveni.

It’s off this budget that immediately after swearing in he took new MPs [Kato Lubwama, Butebi etc] to flights outside Uganda to indoctrinate them into this project.

Currently he trades 115 MPs who voted him as ‘opposition’ speaker; Museveni put those in his hands. So far he negotiated a deal in which none of those MP’s with a court case will be thrown out of the house.

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