The state minister for works and transport General Katumba Wamala has asked for more security from government after receiving several death threats from corrupt government officials 
Katumba revealed this at his farm located in Katosi Mukono district.
He said since he took office, he has tried all means to cleanup the mess in the ministry but is being frustrated by greedy corrupt officials in government who want to selfishly pocket govt coffers instead of constructing roads
‘’When President appointed me, he instructed me to weed out all bad elements in the ministry of works especially UNRA but am being let down by some members who put tax payers money into their own bank accounts’ ‘he said
Gen. Katumba added that when he entered office, he made a thorough investigation on how corrupt officials misappropriate roads funds. After getting all the necessary information, he briefed president M7 who gave him a go head to do his work without fear or favor.
This new wave,he said has not gone well with most of the officials he found at the ministry who see him as a stumbling block to amass more wealth.
Katumba said he is getting several warnings/threats from unknown people warning him to go slow or he will soon die like Gen Aronda or AIGP Andrew Kaweesi who was gunned down recently.
‘’But as a General who fought several battles and won them I have decided to keep silent and focus on work but these threats keep coming which is leaving me in dilemma on whether most of the people are committed to working for this country to achieve middle income status ‘he wondered
The General also said that some officials have started intentionally avoiding him with the intentions of frustrating his work after learning that he is not interested in making deals in office.
 He warned that he is in touch with other security agencies and very soon he will expose all their rot.