By Bireete Sarah.

  • Museveni is in a race to destroy whatever used to unite Ugandans–even soccer

Uganda – a Country where rulers do not know that you can’t have a nation without heritage. A nation that has no heritage can never claim to be a great nation.

National heritage is supposed to be built in our landmark buildings, our national monuments and celebrating those who have made tremendous contributions towards nation building.

nakivubo stadium destroyed
nakivubo stadium destroyed

The NRM regime has systematically destroyed whatever existed as our national pride and heritage in the name of land grabbing for prime land. But also this process dates back to the days of our failed privatization process.

Whatever used to unite uganda as a nation was either grabbed through privation or collapsed through mismanagement. These include uganda airlines, uganda dairy corporation, Nytil, uganda railways, etc.

Fast Forward: last week, reports of demolition of National Theatre came to the limelight. Government plans to finish plans of destroying our national heritage by demolishing the National Theatre in order to build a 36 storeyed shopping mall!

This is our latest classical land grabbing effort as government approved bill to compulsorily

THE ACHOLI – MADI MASSACRE due to land grabbing fights

take over citizens land without prior speedy and adequate compensation as provided for under Article 26 of the Constitution.


Is the agenda of this longest regime to leave nothing behind as our heritage?

Why would the need for a shopping mall usurp all common sense and reason of our rulers?

What will the future inherit as National Heritage and source of national pride?

Which Way Uganda?

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