Kitezaala Muzinyabigere Huza

Every person who critically follows politics must have been shocked by Winnie Kiiza’s alternative position by the opposition to regime that she made on Thursday June 15th 2017. While addressing the press at parliament, Kiiza thanked the the leadership of parliament for lending them chance to bring government to account.

“We have made some milestones. We are grateful to the leadership of parliament for making it possible for opposition members to execute the mandate of keeping government in check and generating alternative views to government position”

This kind of stand and applause does not only make opposition conquered but right forth legitimising a government that non of your constituents takes as legitimate.

She went ahead to thank the government for always listening to their to them and to positively respond. She sighted the insecurity, misconduct of police towards civilians, the arbitrary killings in kasese and the torture of detainees at Nalufenya police station, alarm on sexual education 8n schools, closure of Nakivubo stadium, closing of Makerere university and poor performance in the Rio Olympics.

“On all these issues, the Government took action either by banning the activities or providing more funds. Its good” she said. She also said that they have been successful in terms of accountability the opposition has managed to force government and embezzlers to vomit funds.

They have failed with government only on four issues: implementing informal education, implementing affirmative action in Busoga, payments of allowances to civil servants in hard to reach areas and the criteria for selection national candidates for international posts. Only four.

Therefore according to this opposition alternative stand, Museveni and his government are close to perfect. Why do we even need the opposition in parliament. Winnie sounded more or less than Museveni but with different wording. The hidden purpose of her speech was strengthen and legitimise this illegitimate government.

With such approvals and stamps to what the government is doing, won’t only kill the public zeal for a regime change but its evidence to the opposition donors that there is no need for a regime change since even the opposition is satisfied.

This is a record to support my usual stand; We would be better of without opposition MPs in this regime. Winnie Kiiza and your ‘good’ group, shame on you! You’re happy with government!!??