UGANDAN Elites have reduced themselves to spectators as peasants decided on matters concerning the governance of their country.

They have almost joined the thriving group of thieves to steal state coffers and lay back in comfort assuming themselves a role of critics.

On Weekends they dress in casual wear and fraternize the social clubs and beaches. In the evening they sit around Televisions to watch premier football and in between these activities they facebook, whatuspp,tweet and some under false names pour scorn on politicians especially those in parliament.

The Parliamentary spokesperson Chris Obore has taken them on in a Facebook post and declared that Parliament will swear in and confer full powers on any person people in Kyadondo East will vote.

In a short but loaded post the parliament director of communications and public affairs said:

“Kyadondo East, voters are busy trying to decide who their next MP will be. Some elites are loudly silent but once the voters have decided then the so called clever people begin to undermine the people’s choice.

They will then be blaming the quality of MPs. The quality of MP for Kyadondo East is being decided now yet the elites are not bothered. As parliament we shall receive the choice of Kyadondo people.

None is mandated to lead or liberate this country, its everyone’s duty to contribute towards the positive change we are looking for.

Elites of this country, stop watching, criticizing or being passive supporters in the struggle. Before blaming anyone making a political contribution just know you carry a big blame and pay a big price for your silence. Wake up