Kenyan police has slapped a ban on public gathering commonly known us Bunge la Mwananchi (public court) in the countries central business district of Nairobi.
Kenyan’s have been gathering in such meetings to discuss national matters including politics, governance, corruption and now elections. Citizens expressed their open views on such topics. Bunge la Mwananchi had become popular in Kenya especially for the youth and unemployed.
People commonly gathered in Nairobi’s City Hall and outside the National Archives

According to Robinson Thuku the Central OCPD, those gatherings are a security threat to businesses and residents

“We are doing away with these groupings in the name of Bunge la Wananchi which are held in front of businesses in the central business districts. They are a threat because people have raised concern over their security especially in Wabera Street, where the crowd has become huge,”  He told media group the Nation.

Reports say Police is arleady dispersing and/or arresting those defying the order.
The ban has come amidst heightened political temperatures in the country as Kenyans set themselves for the August 8 polls.
Members of these gatherings have faulted police and the ban saying they are not a threat as claimed by the police.