By: Maureen Kyalya Waluube

Oppression just. Government does not need to acquire all national land to do any single public projects.This cant be a reason or justification for NRM failure to do any tangible project in its 31years in power.

Almost all muslim, catholic and christian churches and schools plus all cooperatives are built on land that once belonged to the people.

They were respected and asked properly and all they got in exchange for the land was a Kanzu or Gomesi (A piece of cloth).

NRM need to start respecting Ugandans and the entire humanity. They simply have no idea how much destruction they are doing to the whole world just by destroying and grooming unnecessary bloodshed amongst Ugandans.

My only appeal to you is to Change Government in 2021 to one which is set up to protect you, your nation and land.

National Resistance Movement is exactly what the name says. They are enemies to anything that makes us Uganda Nationals and unless we stand together and push them out, they will kill and destroy each one of us before they finally claim all our land and make us even worse slaves than those who went to America during the Slave Trade and on our own ancestor’s land

Maureen Kyalya Waluube