Musician Hilary Kiyaga( Dr Hilderman) of the Amelia fame has penned eight reasons why  Ssentamu Kyagulanyi (Bobiwine) victory in the Kyadondo East by election will be a blessing for Uganda’s music industry and an inspiration to Uganda’s disadvantaged young generation. Here below we reproduce that post;


1-This guy has stood by my industry in all circumstances fighting for artists rights and promoting artists’ responsibilities.He has promoted this sector in his means and capability. It’s time for Ugandans to consider who has done what for a country. Some pple call politics a job but have not impacted any human being. People who have caused change to others are so needed now.

2- No body is perfect but Bobi has caused behaviour change to Ugandans. He has been followed by a class of youth because he makes meaning to them. He awekenes their sleeping minds and mentality. He builds courage which is a good example we need. Let cameras not let us forget the good contributions.

3- Bobi has marketed places. One tym Uganda had to use BBC, CNN, to promote the country image and tourism. We need Mps to promote and market their places. Bobi has promoted and marketed Kamokya, magere and busabala miking them prime for business and homesteads. Bobi has solely done it. Wait for Kyadondo. Ye abalala beyesimbye nabo baberawa coz for HON Kyagulanyi nali e Gulu knws abera Magere.

4- Bobi has promoted talent. I wud not say names but Ugandans know. Be4 any of those musicians decampaign him because they have paid them one million they shud think about how many millions they made with being a Bobi wine camp or bobi affiliated.

5-In my industry Bobi has been reliable. Most musicians who have had a chance to hold concerts and launches Bobi wine has been apart and supported freely. We have held extra concerts in Kasangati but which of the other candidates have come to support u. Count the number of times bobi has appeared on your posters before you decampaign him.

6- His music has represented people more than some MPz on floor. I have listened to all his albums but no album has gone without a song representing peoples’ situation. In the songs he has spoken more than MPZ on floor and has awaken and called for people’s involvement in maters that concern them. In Jenifer song KCCA had to think otherwise.

7- Bobi the family man. He inspires many young pple about the need to be a good family men and women.

8- social work and social responsibility. He is a good advocate for charity work. He has partispated in hundreds of charity drives all over Uganda.

8- Bobi wine is so inteligent. Don’t judge him but listen to him

Akabonero sawa. Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert