Desteo Bisaka,83, commonly known as Owobusobozi of Association for the Healing Place of God of All Armies has been rushed to Nairobi-Kenya in a critical condition after collapsing at his palace in Kapyemi Kibaale district.
Bisaka who claims to be god was driven to Entebbe airport on Thursday afternoon in an ambulance and later boarded Kenya airways to AgaKhan hospital where is currently being treated.
It has been established that god Bisaka is currently in intensive care as doctors are doing several tests to ascertain his illness. 
’’Ever since this month began, Bisaka has been battling high pressure blood and stroke which we suspect could be the root cause of his poor health’ ’a follower told online site eyewitness 
His church members believe that Bisaka, a former Catholic who wrote many popular hymns still being sung in churches, is god and is as powerful as both Jesus Christ and the prophet Muhammad.
His believers say that Bisaka was sent by God to unite people and has healing powers. He is believed to be the only living person with direct access to God based on his testimony that he saw God on December 23, 1983. 
Ironically he was rushed to seek human medical attention