The Republican Party of South Sudan (RPSS) a new political party has been curved off the SPLM party with an aims to “rescue a falling-apart country South Sudan, fight corruption and tribalism”

The new party whose members are largely from the SPLM say they want to correct the situations that they failed to solve from within the SPLM.

Lewis Anei Madut was nominated as RPSS chairman In its inauguration meeting held Thursday in Juba.

Madut said the party’s aim is to provide a platform for South Sudan to have a political party that aspires for equal rights of all the people

“We are a non-violent political party that has come to want to make peaceful change this country needs somebody with direction, somebody who can lead people with courage and a program that can lead this country.” He told Gurtong news

“I realized that we cannot change those things from within, there are too much hierarchy and too much stagnation that we cannot make it from within…therefore we have to create a platform that we can solve those situations,” Madut said.

He says that his party has a national not a tribal agenda to salvage country.

Anthony Agiem Akot an elder party member told press. “We are a new party, wanting to change the image of the country democratically,”

He said the people of South Sudan recognize each other as a country not tribes.

The Party lawyer Justice Philip Manyok Kuol, said the new party will promote democracy and development in the country