If testimonies Ugandans give at pastor Kayanja’s 77DOG services are anything to go by, then Ugandans have no reasons to  regret not being around during Jesus’ days because at this rate Pastor Kayanja has done almost all ‘miracles’ Jesus performed in the bible and even more.

In the 77+days reports of healing the sick, lame, blind and people with different ailments are reported.


Ataibah Kiiza Nakitende came from Oman a week ago. Upon reaching her parents home, they received communication that her father was under heart attack. He was rushed to hospital and placed in the intensive care section. Doctors did their best to restore his health but he died during emergency surgery. When Ataibah saw her father dead, that’s the last time she opened her mouth to speak (the shock caused her to go mute totally unable to pronounce words) until last night when her mother decided to bring her to church and she was able to speak again.

Pastor Kayanja