• A sane indigenous Ugandan shouldn’t claim belonging to NRM. Its not yours and it doesn’t need you. You are not even on her agenda 
  • Supporting NRM is same as being a colonial collaborator.

For 30 years NRM has stuck to its single true mission without hiding it—Its  even clearly reflected in its name—National resistance though Ugandans have refused to take it off its contextual meaning.

National Resistance—is a movement with a mission to resist and destroy Uganda’s national identity, unity and create a baseless refuge state to be taken over by a family dynasty under construction

In short its agenda is; Destroy the indigenous, create ground for a family dynasty.

On its destruction agenda, in the first 10 years they downed cooperative societies, national palastatals, UTC, Uganda railways, Uganda airlines, UTV, UCB and anything else that was a source of income to indigenous communities or bind Ugandans together with national pride.

In the following 10 years 1996-2006 they destroyed all economic sources especially cash crops like coffee cotton etc then resumed on a process of killing the agriculture sector—setting up Ugandans to be dependents.

In the past 10 years 2006-2016 they concentrated on totally destroying the sports, health, education and all state administrative systems so as to press the country into one mans full autocracy and breed the  impoverished indigenous tribes as future servants to the rich immigrants

They have kicked off these 10 years with total destruction of monumental infrastructures like national theater, UBC, Nakivubo stadium, Kasubi tombs, Mulago hospital and Makerere university are in line so as to totally erase the countries roots

Under implementation also as final blow to indigenous Ugandans is the strategic destruction of indigenous cultures and legalized land grabbing.

NRM is an indoctrination tunnel meant to create believers in Museveni and pave way for his family dynasty.  Through it Museveni has created an artificial ‘tribe’ racially minting out indigenous tribes using indoctrinated members of those very tribes.

Using NRM Museveni has created rebels within all cultural institution. Many senior members are  indoctrinated to blindly disrespect their cultural setup as they practice unquestionable allegiance to Museveni.

With  this ‘tribe’, he has managed to destabilize all cultural institutions and  grab communal land with elites watching as they are mentally cocooned into being ‘NRM’

Last week I watched Kagame launching RPF house and read a story how NRM collected 20 of the 30bn needed to complete NRM house. The idea just went silent as Kagame 4 years letter completed his.

On reflection this is enough to wake us up on the devil in our midst. If Museveni can’t build offices for his own gang using money already contributed then who else outside his family can claim any positive service from him?

Does Museveni have any positive plan for any Ugandan apart from his family?  Why would anyone keep claiming tuli mu kintu with NRM?

Evidence is unfolded; NRM is a family and ethnic thing period. To him it is just a vehicle to create his family dynasty and by joining NRM you subscribe to this indoctrination else you’re miserably thrown out.

His tribe first policy is visible on the political scenario, anyone with ethnic Bunyarwanda link  automatically gets NRM card no matter how loyal the incumbent has been s/he is shamelessly thrown out.. Such examples are everywhere.

None can claim to have got a state house scholarship or a job for being an NRM supporter but its obvious that jobs, services and favors are given on tribal basis.

Even the ongoing cultural institution destruction and land grabbing doesn’t depend on loyalty to NRM but everyone is now victimized for the benefit of Museveni’s tribe.

Ugandans NRM is a boat to deliver us all [supporters and non-supporters alike] to a slaughter house. Museveni uses it to create a division amongst Ugandans as he drives through us his minority ethnic tribe agenda.

Before its late, let us stop fighting each other claiming to be fighting NRM/opposition and face the real enemy—slicing through Uganda socially economically and politically. We are all victims.

Kaweesa Kaweesa

Kaweesa Kaweesa
Kaweesa Kaweesa