As the country mourns Hon. Maria Mutagamba, change agents across the country mourn Dr. Oumo Okiror.

He was a Ugandan Ambassador to Zambia during Obote II’s regime. When Obote was overthrown, he fled to join him in Zambia and stayed with him until he died.

When Kizza-Besigye went to exile after the rigged vote of 2001, he went to Zambia. In Zambia he was welcomed and sheltered by Oumo.

Later a team was invited to Zambia from Uganda. In his sitting room  Reform Agenda was formed. It was from this idea that FDC was formed.

Since his ambassadorial time, today [sunday]will be his first time to return to his motherland–unfortunately in a coffin.

He will be buried on Monday at his ancestral home in Teso.