• Sebalu has never been judged as a person but an emblem of the oppressive regime, Museveni will confirm this. He has no unique message to the voters who already see him as the bliss of their social economic and political suffering –the very thing they want out 

Today being the last campaign day, Museveni is in Kyandondo East to

NRM candidate abandons yellow color, releases blue poster
NRM candidate abandons yellow color, releases blue poster

campaign for the NRM candidate Sitenda Sebalu to ensure he wins the forthcoming by-election scheduled on 29 June 2017. This comes moments after candidate Bobi Wine’s arrest and release.

Chasing an opposition candidate from a venue for Museveni always predicts a humiliating defeat for the NRM candidate.

In a 2009 by-election between Nambooze and Bakaluba [nrm] Nambooze was chased off a Seeta town venue and her rally was pushed deep into an off road banana plantation. The organisers didn’t want Museveni to meet or even by-pass Nambooze’s multitude of supporters anywhere. The banana plantation rally was so successful and in the subsequent elections NRM lost miserably. Kyandondo elections are Thursday

Museveni has used the last days in all campaigns to pull a last minute vote turn-around in all by-elections. This has worked wonders in rural settings but failed miserably in urban societies.

Though he can’t stop Museveni from coming to his area, Sitenda has on several occasions expressed this by openly displaying a detachment from Museveni’s yellow party.

In one rally, he was quoted begging voters not to victimize him for Museveni’s wrongs and he even went on to make a blue [FDC] poster.

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Museveni’s last day campaign trail doesn’t work in urban setting because it employs rural approaches where he hits the electoral area with, money [for vote buying], police/army deployment [For voter intimidation], manipulation of the EC officials [for vote rigging] and making empty promises [to manipulate voters]

Buyng votes and voter intimidation has worked in all rural settings but in an urbanized Kyadondo these 2 NRM tricks are totally off. The army army, police and state Kifeesi’s are people Kasangati communities always hold duels with in fight for ‘state’ house. Meaning they have no impact

Museveni appeals to rural voters who see his presence as a blessing given their distance from the city and lack of access to information. These are people who can still trust Museveni’s words or have hope that the desired change is on the way. When he talks to such people on the last day he gives them false hope which they carry into the box for an NRM win, which is not expected in Kampala

Other things like Voter threats [if you dont vote NRM you will not get service or your area will get insecurity] doesn’t work here in the oppressed urban setting. This means he himself is limited on a game changer message

Museveni himself will have no message to deliver to the “unlighted’ society members in Kyadondo East.

Whenever he campaigns in villages he talked ‘wealthy creation’ USE. UPE, Oil and other flopping governments programs which cant be mentioned amongst voters who watch corruption, theft and tribalism by the day.

While campaigning for Sitenda all he could say was:

Sebalu is the best person he can work with easily to deliver services to the people of Kyadondo.  “Do not be misled by other people, ‘omwana wange Ono yasinga’,” he said.

Buganda/Kyadondo voters have always voted against Museveni the person whom they see as the epitome of their social political and economic suffering. His regime is so hated that even Voting its self has been divided between the OPPRESSORS [NRM] vs the OPPRESSED [OPPOSITION]

Automatically Kyandondo voters will not even give a ear to him, and NRM leaders knowing this people have been ferried from all around Wakiso and Kampala to give him audience that can take in the usual empty talk or create a justification when NRM rigs.

Given their locality and past voting trends, Kyadondo is set for a humiliating revenge against Museveni and Sitenda is the victim.

Muliika George Orwell


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