The FDC camp in Kyandondo race has expressed confidence and has vowed to fight any irregularity so that its candidate is not cheated of his victory.

The Kyandondo by-election to be held Thursday is hotly contested by the incumbent, FDC’s Kantinti Apollo and and FDC leaning independent Robert Kyagulanyi.

Talking to SpearNews Wednesday evening Harold Kaija the FDC Deputy Secretary General said all FDC teams are set to counter intimidation, cheating and any form of rigging which NRM is out to do.

“Kyadondo East is the ancestral home of FDC. It is a vanguard of our struggle that’s why we call it Benghazi. We have a strong bond with the electorate.

We have presented the best candidate for the job. We are confident Apollo Kantinti will win the election” He said

All the FDC team is camped in Kasangati including; Mugisha Muntu, the Leaders of Opposition Hon Winnie Kiiza, Ingrid Turinawe, Kiiza Besigye, Hon Centenary Frank Roberti, Mwijuke Francis and all high ranking officials in the party.

The FDC camp
The FDC camp

Talking to the SpearNews Ingrid Turinawe blamed NRM for the confusion it caused in the past elections which led to this by-election and said the party is ready to counter it this time.

“As I talk we have trained and dispatched 10 people to guard each of the 93 polling stations in Kyaddondo and they are ready and determined to deliver our victory”

She said NRM has used its usual tricks of heavily deploying army and police in the area but Kyaddondo voters are not scared of the same as they face it every day.

“They are ready to unleash violence and have rolled Mamba’s, gunships, tanks to scare  our voters but people power is stronger than that of people in power,” she said.

Asked about Independent Kyagulanyi, Ingrid said Bobi is an NRM Muhoozi project candidate being fronted to hoodwink opposition supporters but FDC will not give NRM that chance to recruit in ‘Benghanzi’

“Our opponent is NRM wrapped in different formats, but we shall defeat it all” She vowed